leedy fabric

Flag your creative side and get involved in Leederville's community-wide art project. Your flag will be joined by thousand's of others to form bunting which will be on display at the Light Up Leederville Carnival in December.

This year, Leedy Fabric will be bigger than ever as we aim to break free of the carnival site and extend our bunting further up Oxford Street than ever before! To do that, we need your help! There are a number of roles available to support Leedy Fabric, from Fabric LEEDER to Honoured Contributor.

If you already know you want to be part of creating Australia's longest* patchwork bunting then   Register Now

Or download our Fabric Fact Sheet for more information.

For more ways to get involved, keep an eye on the Foyer Oxford events page for details of workshops heading your way. Like and share Leederville Fabric posts on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, and double tap our photos on Instagram.