What is Foyer Oxford?

Foyer Oxford provides accommodation for young people who are on a goal driven path to independence, and could need a supported transition into independent living. Because those first steps to independence can be tricky, Foyer Oxford has the ability to provide on site on-call support, and the kind of supervision that makes sure things aren't going badly, while still allowing privacy and the ability for you to make your own decisions.

At Foyer Oxford, you’ll get your own student sized apartment for up to two years. Foyer Oxford is a bit like an apartment block, so you’ll be living with a lot of other young people (there are 98 apartments all up).

It’s a team approach, so you’ll have contact with three organisations during that time.

Anglicare WA – they provide the support to get you where you want to go.

Foundation Housing Ltd – they will be your landlord, and will help you maintain your accommodation.

North Metropolitan TAFE – located just next door, they’ll give you access to courses, training, and qualifications.