Denise Pepper: It’s Your Move

The Pepper artworks entitled It’s Your Move, which have a quirky human dimension to them and a sense of serendipity, hint at human patterns of association. These abstracted figurative artworks have been carefully clustered to symbolise the formation and re-formation of relationships, moments of solitude and reflection and the exploration of new associations, all part of the game of life. They are also reflective of how people inhabit and colonise space, according to their changing experience, insights and aspirations.

These friendly sculptures are constructed from satin ice acrylic and metal. They appear in a palette of strawberry red, hot pink, lime green and orange, designed to have unity with the architecture and the other external artworks, including the glass façade. These artworks are illuminated and are lit from within. They provide a soft, lantern-like glow in the Inner (Residence) Courtyard and can be glimpsed from the apartments above and the café.

Foyer residents affectionately refer to these works as ‘the teletubbies’.