The Foyer Deal

Foyer Oxford works because we make a commitment to each other to do what’s needed for you to succeed. We call this the ‘Foyer Deal’ – a something for something agreement that you help us put together. This can be flexible, and case managers will work with you to plan and achieve your goals as part of the deal, but some things are the same for everyone.

Your side of the deal is that you’ll need to:

  • Keep in regular contact with your case manager, and respond to them when they get in touch;
  • Connect with employment, education or training;
  • Meet the obligations of a normal lease, including paying your rent on time, and keeping your apartment clean, tidy, and safe;
  • Follow a few house rules, particularly limits on visitors and sleepovers, and;
  • Be a positive community member in Foyer Oxford, and in Leederville.

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