International Foyer Movement

Foyer Oxford is proudly a part of the International Foyer Movement.

Foyers originated in France in the late 1800s and were first established in the UK in 1992. The term “foyer” means hearth in French, and it is used to describe establishments that offer accommodation and support to young residents in need.

The Foyer model was developed in the United Kingdom more than 20 years ago and upholds that the only long-term avenue out of homelessness for young people is through education and training, with a focus on nurturing an ‘aspirational community’ and securing sustainable employment and independent housing. Through this approach, Foyers are able to drive long term positive outcomes and impacts.

The Foyer concept is considered international best practice in helping disadvantaged young people, aged 16-25 years who are homeless or in housing need, to achieve the transition to adult independence. Foyers have proven so successful that there are now more than 1,000 projects worldwide; including Australia, Ireland, the United States, Romania, Netherlands and Germany.

In the UK, Foyers are promoted through the Foyer Federation, a partnership between businesses and homelessness agencies. More than 130 Foyers now operate in the UK and 470 throughout France.

Where are Foyers located in Australia?

Similar to the Foyer Federation in the UK, the Foyer Foundation in Australia was established to coordinate the development of Foyers within our local context.

In Australia there are approximately 14 Foyers or Foyer-type services across most states and territories. They accommodate between 10 to 98 young people under various models such as networked or mixed accommodation options.

For more information on the Australian Foyer Movement, head to the Australian Foyer Foundation