Even though Foyer Oxford is in the early stages of its development, and long term results are not yet available, the early results are promising.

Foyer Oxford closely monitors its results using a Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework to ensure that the project achieves outcomes for its residents. Foyer Oxford is also independently evaluated by KPMG for the first 4 years of operation.

Since opening in February 2014 Foyer Oxford has housed more than 200 young people. In 2015 67 young people left Foyer Oxford.

  • 90% went into long term positive accommodation
  • 71% of Foyer’s singles were connected to Employment and Training on Exit

KPMG’s evaluation of the first 18 months of service provision found that:

Note that “Not homeless” refers to a number of informal, unstable housing arrangements that have a young person at imminent risk of homelessness, for example staying with friends or leaving care arrangements.