Singles Application

It’s pretty competitive to get a place at Foyer Oxford and there are some hoops to jump through.

These are the steps you need to follow:

1 Register for an info session

Fill in this form, call 1800 185 685 or email to work out if you are eligible..

2 Attend an info session

During this time, our info sessions are online. We will send you a link to a youtube video so that you can find out more about what it is like to live at Foyer Oxford, and whether the 'Foyer Deal' is for you.

3 Wait for a vacancy

We will advertise here when we are accepting applications for upcoming vacancies. It's first come first served so make sure you check in regularly.

4 Complete an application form

When a vacancy comes up, you can apply to live at Foyer Oxford.

5 Interview

Have an online interview with a Foyer Staff member.

6 Decision

We'll let you know if you have a place, and when you can move in.

Singles Applications are currently open

Applying for a place at Foyer can be a confusing process to get through, so at any point, feel free to call us on 6240 7200 or 1800 185 685 or email