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Referring Young Parents

We try to make applying for Foyer Oxford as easy as possible for young parents, understanding the challenges that complicated application processes can cause.

It’s really important that from the very beginning of their involvement with Foyer Oxford, young people are in control of their journey. So the application process is the responsibility of the young person and we hope that they will be the main point of contact throughout the process. Let us know if you think the person you are working with will need more support.

To help you decide whether Foyer Oxford is a good option for the young parent you are working with please read the Referral Fact Sheet. Please note that in order to be eligible, a young parent must only have one child 3 years of age or under OR pregnant without other children.   

Referral Fact Sheet

If you are working with a young parent who is interested in Foyer Oxford, feel free to contact us during business hours. We will work out a solution to best accommodate the needs of the young parent.