Pamela Gaunt: Constellation

The illuminated glass façade, Constellation One takes up the entire north wall of Foyer Oxford building. Pamela Gaunt has embedded in her design of the façade, the aspirational drawings of residents of the apartments, giving the artwork added depth and meaning. Through repetition and digital enhancement these have been artfully woven together by the artist, to create a lacy pattern of tonal greys and whites, within which, circular motifs act as high points, glowing softly at night. These are in hues of coral, lime green and yellow.

The design is representative of a constellation, a group of stars which, together, form a pattern, create light and are intended as a metaphor for community. Weather conditions, and angles at which this artwork is seen, give changing perspectives for day time viewers. An illuminated ovoid-shaped seat nearby, Constellation Two is a companion piece to the glass wall. It invites people to pause, sit and watch the façade transform from its day to night time persona. As this occurs, intriguing new dimensions of the design become more visible and dominant.

Made entirely of glass, printed with Imagink, a ceramic based ink, toughened and laminated to withstand the elements, the wall is comprised of ten panels, each weighing 100 kilograms behind which is inserted electroluminescent lighting (Flatlight). This artwork has a strong nocturnal presence and dynamism and actively contributes to the evening ambience and character of Oxford Street.