You work hard to get where you want to go, so you deserve support from us to help you get there. At Foyer Oxford, there’s a bunch of different ways we provide this.

Case Manager – they will help you work out a plan to get you where you want to go, and give you the opportunities and encouragement you need to succeed. They will help you to meet your side of the ‘Foyer Deal’ , and look out for you while you stay with us.

Residential Youth Workers – working nights and weekends, these guys are there to help you develop the skills to live independently, and run fun, engaging activities and workshops. They will also listen to you, and help you understand how Foyer Oxford works.

Front desk and concierge – Our front desk is available 24/7 to assist if you’ve got any questions, or need to find help. They also help to keep Foyer safe and secure.

Therapeutic Youth Specialist – work closely with our case managers to support you on your Foyer journey, helping you navigate the mental health system and providing therapeutic support.

Employment and Projects Facilitator  – this person will work really closely with you to get you into the career you want, and help you stay there once you get it.

Other support at Foyer – there are a few other supports provided at Foyer by other organizations. This includes counselling, fitness, activities, mentoring and parenting education.

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