What is Foyer Oxford

Foyer Oxford provides accommodation for young people who don’t have a stable place to stay, and are engaged in work or study. We know that the best way to get your own place is to eventually have a decent job, so we support you to start that journey.

As a single parent, we know that juggling the demands of looking after a kid and connecting with the rest of life can be complicated, so we’ll provide additional support to help you give your bub the best start in life, and you get the help you need to focus on your own journey.

At Foyer Oxford, you’ll get your own one-bedroom apartment for up to two years, it’s a smallish space designed to give you a launching pad. We have 23 other apartments for young parents too, so there’s always lots of support and advice.

It’s a team approach, so you’ll have contact with three organisations during that time.

Anglicare WA – they provide the support to you and your bub to get you where you want to go.

Foundation Housing Ltd – they will be your landlord, and will help you maintain your accommodation.

North Metropolitan TAFE – located just next door, they’ll give you access to courses, training, and qualifications.

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