Who can live at Foyer?

Foyer oxford is a really great place for you and you baby to live, but it’s not for everyone. To make sure the people who really need us get the opportunity, you have to meet the following requirements.

To be eligible for Foyer Oxford, you must:

  • Be 16-24 years old, and be a sole parent (we can’t take couples with children);
  • Have one child, who is three years old or younger, or be pregnant with no other children;
  • Be the primary caregiver for your child;
  • Have no stable, long-term place to stay;
  • Be motivated to progress towards education, training, or employment while continuing to be a great parent to your child;
  • Be happy to be supported by a case manager, and meet regularly with them;
  • Have Australian Citizenship, or Permanent Resident status;
  • Be eligible for the Parenting Payment;
  • Earn under $69,852 per year, and;
  • Be able to live independently.

Apply to live at foyer